Migration allows women to help you both stop early relationship and you will prepare for relationships

Migration allows women to help you both stop early relationship and you will prepare for relationships


All in all, 255 somebody participated in qualitative analysis collection together with teenage lady and mothers out-of adolescent girls. Which incorporated 99 women (many years a dozen–19) from the FGDs, 17 hitched girls (ages sixteen–19) from the IDIs, 24 unmarried females (many years 12–19) on the IDIs, 52 dads from inside the FGDs, and you may 63 mothers from inside the FGDs. I presented independent attention organizations getting parents one to varied in size regarding half a dozen so you can 10 professionals. Adolescent lady attract teams varied in dimensions from half a dozen so you’re able to 9 professionals. Dining tables step 3 and you may cuatro give much more information concerning decide to try integrated regarding search. If you’re migrant updates made an appearance from inside the interviews and FGDs, i don’t assemble details about migrant condition at the time of information collection and you can collected far more standard demographic suggestions. Where readily available, i declaration migration position getting select quotationspared to your baseline study, the newest qualitative take to regarding adolescent girls was a while earlier for the mediocre (indicate out of sixteen.8 when you look at the Sikasso and you can 16.eight ages when you look at the Segou, in contrast to suggest chronilogical age of fifteen.step 1 ages within the Sikasso and you may 15.36 months inside Segou on baseline). These types of distinctions is owed, in part, to the gang of females based on marital condition, with (somewhat old) partnered females as part of the qualitative browse compared to the newest standard studies.

Some solutions, such as the one less than away from an engaged woman in response so you’re able to a question regarding the migration’s it is possible to affect relationships, ideal you to migration out of the community are privately associated with relationships and viewed as an alternative choice to early matrimony:

Through providing the possibility for females in order to “hideout”, migration was thought by the adolescent girls to get influential for the delaying marriage. So it feeling is actually echoed by mothers, as a consequence of illustrative phrases such as for example “females stay away from to visit the town frequently to stop matrimony” (Desire category, mothers, Sikasso), though that have reduced regularity than simply one of teenage women on their own. Yet not, as found regarding following quotation out of an attention classification that have dads, relationship delays may also be a secondary and you can unintended results of migration, leading to later on marriage for women who’d migrated versus individuals who had lived-in new village. Which impression emerged alot more among adults than just adolescents but spent my youth in the more youthful and more mature groups similar.

Yes, definitely migration affects [relationship timing]. If the a female is interested and she migrates, your who will be her father, you cannot provide their so you can the lady husband since the woman is perhaps not back and specific girls have ended 2 yrs, someone else what is swapfinder actually three years before going back. So the minute whenever she should marry entry.

Also, respondents stated that work migration try have a tendency to directly determined by girls’ need to make their trousseau. In IDIs having adolescent people and you will FGDs which have teenage people and moms and dads equivalent, the will to construct a beneficial trousseau is actually considered a target and you may reason for migration which is inextricably linked with wedding. Respondents reported good girl’s will want to look past the lady community to have expanded monetary ventures, since revealed throughout the quote below away from a currently married, came back migrant woman:

Building for the earlier research appearing that teenage women usually move just before marrying, this study concerned about the brand new determine away from migration because an important section of the new societal context on relationship timing and means

Right here [on community] discover not too many economic issues apart from to get/offering, and even that’s not always a good business. Once the consumers do not have some thing, it is hard so you’re able to trade otherwise promote. I have monetary issues which is what is causing me to exit toward large locations.

For the majority participants, the idea of a lady making a profit to construct good trousseau try an alternative, but also for of a lot, it had been a monetary criteria, as revealed on the following quotation out of a wedded lady exactly who didn’t move while the the woman father informed her he would disown any of their female which migrated: