7. Get personal quickly – small talk is boring

7. Get personal quickly – small talk is boring

Try to come up with an ice breaker on your bio, one that seems like you’re “just saying” something but which is obviously a ploy to get her to ask you a question. She won’t care if the ploy is obvious.


  • “Ask me about my (pet) monkey!”
  • “I just got back from London and I met a celebrity!”
  • “I just got a promotion and I’m happy!”
  • “Pineapple on pizza is amazing, fight me”
  • “Marvel vs DC – discuss…”

All of this is good. It lets her feel comfortable asking an obvious question or just starting a convo out of nowhere, so the pressure is back on you, not her.

Don’t say stuff like, “Hey there” or “How are ya?” Not only is it dull, it’s just the opposite of personal.

Bumble’s founder Whitney Wolfe even said that men who use a woman’s name in the first message get 60% more responses than men that keep things vague.

You can also escalate sexual tension or “personal touch” by mirroring her energy, her conversation style, her sense of humor, and her level of enthusiasm.

Close in on interaction and do it fast. Don’t be lazy. Don’t postpone. Don’t write her a love letter before you even meet her. (more…)

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